The Ultimate Guide to finding a EDD attorney

If you’re considering becoming a parent or adopting a child, the decisions surrounding how to proceed can be overwhelming. You may have many questions about the process, including:

· What are my options for parenthood?

· Should I use an agency or privately adopt?

· How do I choose a birth mother or adoption agency?

· How do I answer the “big five”?

With so much information and resources available, it’s hard to know where you should start. That’s why we’ve created this guide—to walk you through what we think is the most important information as you weigh your decision of how to become a parent.

Who is a EDD Attorney?

An EDD attorney is someone who specializes in adoption and has completed a rigorous education and training process. This attorney may also be referred to as a family law attorney, adoption lawyer or private adoption lawyer.

Why should you hire a certified EDD attorney?

You may be wondering why you should bring on a lawyer for your adoption, but we’re here to answer that question for you. Why should you hire a EDD attorney? There are many reasons, but here’s our top three:

· Deciding whether or not to become a parent is a big decision.

You may be worried that choosing adoption or returning the child is the right decision for you and, although there are no guarantees, we recommend hiring an attorney to guide you through the process. An EDD attorney can help you make an informed decision with support from others who understand what it’s like to walk through the same steps into parenthood.

· It is important to have the legal paperwork in order.

For future reference, your adoption must be documented with the appropriate documents, like a consent form and agency placement document. Your attorney can help you through this process and answer any questions about these documents.

· Protect your rights and future interests.

Although some states may offer a safe haven period (where birth parents can relinquish their child without complication), most do not; this also means that there is no guarantee you will be able to find a child to adopt on your terms. An EDD attorney can help by ensuring that all necessary paperwork is signed and filed correctly so that it cannot be challenged later on.

How to find a certified EDD attorney

If you’re considering adoption for your family, it’s smart to consult a lawyer. Here are a few ways you can find an attorney:

· Contact a local attorney.

· Search the directory of the National Adoption Attorneys Association (NAA).

· Contact an adoption agency and ask for recommendations of attorneys in your state.


Choosing the best attorney for you and your family is a big decision, but it will make a world of difference. By outlining the important factors that should be considered when hiring an EDD attorney—experience, education, training, and success rate—we hope we’ve helped you narrow down your options to find the best lawyer for your family.